Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another new blog home?

Feeling Content
Hearing Baby Chatter

I am feeling the urge to start blogging again but am not ready to commit to a full blown thing.

Enter Tumblr!

So now Gillie Time is on Tumblr HERE!!!

Come and visit won't you?

But before I go I will leave you with a picture of my new beautiful baby girl!!

Meet my newest love...Harper!


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Missing Her

Feeling Heartbroken
Hearing The baby being burped

I thought I was done blogging. I haven't been out here in over a year and wasn't missing it too much...Facebook and Twitter fulfilled my need for oversharing.

But here I am...not to write about the birth of my beautiful daughter but the death of my beautiful dog daughter.

I am devastated.

I am Heartbroken.

I feel alone in a house full of my family.

All because she is not here.

I see and hear her everywhere.

I can't stop crying.

She was my best girlfriend and a wonderful listener. Now that she is gone I realize what an enormous part of my day she was.

I can't wrap my head around the fact that she is not here.

I miss her so much. Much more than I ever thought I could miss anyone or anything.

I hope you are enjoying romping around in Dog Heaven Miss Jill!!


Sunday, January 31, 2010


Feeling Happy
Hearing The dishwasher running

Hello, my name is Gillie and I will put bacon in just about anything!


Hot out of the oven...look at that bacon peeking out!

All frosted and ready to eat!

They were delicious!!!!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Feeling Blessed
Hearing Silence

Last year I posted my New Year's Resolutions here. I am ready to self report on how I did!

Resolution # 1 was a monthly Date Nite with my Hubba Hubby! I am proud to report that we aced this resolution with flying colors!

January: Hubby & I went out to Mark's Bistro for dinner.
February: We celebrated our anniversary at Mahogany Prime Steakhouse.
March: We went to PF Changs (KEY LIME MARTINI anyone?)
April: Mother India for dinner and we saw the movie State of Play (I loooove Ben Affleck!).
May: Brewburgers for some very delicious burgers!
June: Spezia for dinner.
July: We had dinner at Brother Sebastian's Steakhouse
August: Indian Oven for some tasty grub!
September: Amarillo BBQ and we saw The Informant!
October: Lil Burro and we watched Zombieland.
November: NEW MOON BABY!! Oh yeah...and dinner at Hector's.
December: Cheesecake Factory and truck shopping.

We also had a few bonus Date Nites as well!!! I am so glad we kept to this resolution! It was something we both looked forward to each month and it was fun just hanging out together! We plan to continue the monthly Date Nite (have already had January Date Nite...Biaggi's for dinner after a full day of shopping!!) this year but not as our resolution.

Resolution #2 was to make more time for my friends. I think I did okay with this resolution. I started out like gangbusters in January and had lunch/dinner/coffee dates with most of my friends. I intended to do the same in the last half of the year but life of course got in the way. I did see some of my friends quite a bit and Hubby and I went out with a group of friends a couple times. But I could have done better and made more of an effort here.

Resolution #3 was to read The Bible all the way through. I failed miserably on this resolution. I would get behind a few days and then I would get discouraged. I think I put to much pressure on myself to read all the way through and will change my resolution for this year.

For 2010 my resolutions are as follows...

1. Hubby & I decided our resolution together this year would be to unplug everyday from 7:00-9:00 p.m. So 7:00-9:00 no computer or cell phones or blackberries or texting. Two hours is a long time! I never fully realized how often I text or pop into the office to check my email. This has already really opened my eyes!

2. I will try and read The Bible everyday. I am going to continue to read the chronological version I have but will not get discouraged if I miss a day and instead of trying to make it up by reading more than one day, I will just pick up where I left off!

3. I am going to keep a listing of every book I read this year. I did this a few years ago and looked back on it recently and found it very interesting to see how my reading changed from month to month.

4. I am going to continue to carve out and make time for my friends (well on my way...had a coffee date with two friends this evening!!).

5. Hubby and I are also going to try to do things as a couple with our friends. We tend to do friend things separately but found that on the two occasions when we met a group of friends for dinner and drinks we had a great time! So we are gonna try to do more of that this year whether it be with a group of friends or with another couple.

There it 2010 resolutions! Happy New Year!!


Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 In Review

Feeling Blessed
Hearing Cage The Elephant~Free Love

I have done a year in review the last two years...2008 & 2007...and decided to keep the tradition going!

JANUARY was great! We rang in the NEW YEAR warm, happy & healthy! I celebrated my second year as a full time stay at home mom and Hubby and I committed to a once a month date night!!

FEBRUARY is one of my favorite months! Hubby & I celebrated our TWELFTH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY and FOURTEEN YEARS together!!

The Prince turned NINE in MARCH! Hard to believe I have a child that old!!!

APRIL was fun! The big highlight...MIL, The Prince & I went to Des Moines for a spring break mini-vacation!

MAY is always busy! The Prince had recitals, programs and graduated from 3rd grade!! I officially became a hippie chick and traded in my SUV for a new (hybrid) car!!

JUNE was fun! The Prince & I took a road trip to Dallas to visit my brother and nephews AND I met a blog friend face to face!!!

JULY was a BLAST!!!! We took a week long family trip to Chicago...sooooo fun! We also spent quite a lot of time in the pool cooling off or at local Farmer's Markets!!

AUGUST flew by! I went to visit my BFF Jen in Atlanta, Hubby & I both turned 37!

In SEPTEMBER The Prince started FOURTH grade and I spent the month enjoying some much deserved mommy alone time!!!

OCTOBER was spent enjoying the fall Nebraska weather and an early snow storm!! If you don't like the weather in Nebraska wait 15'll change!

NOVEMBER was all about NEW MOON & RPatz!!!!!

DECEMBER went by quickly. I spent most of the month sick with whooping cough! Yes, I said whooping cough! We spent a lot of time as a family watching movies and snuggling by the fire because of TWO blizzards!

Overall 2009 was a great year for me and my family. We settled into some new routines and recommitted to spending more time with friends and family. We have made the same commitment for 2010!



Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's Thursday!

Feeling Content
Hearing John Mayer~Half of My Heart

I am sitting here working on my Christmas card (gotta start early or it takes forever!) and thinking about doing this same thing last year. Hard to believe Christmas is about a month away. Yikes! Haven't done much shopping yet but do have The Prince pretty much done. He is the easiest! Legos and Star Wars...done!

Here are a few pics of The Prince.

School Pic

Christmas Pics

How'd that get in here? Oh yeah, I did it. Just excited for tomorrow!! Hubby took the day off so he could take me to the noon showing of New Moon. Love me some R Pattz!!!

If you could make it past the above pic and made it this far...have a great weekend and if you wanna exchange Christmas me!!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm Back!!!

Feeling Happy
Hearing Cobra Starship-Good Girls Go Bad

I'm back!! I am sure you have been waiting and waiting for me to update!!! I have no excuse for not being out here except I was just not been feeling it. I have found myself missing it a bit recently so here I am!

Since I was last out here we have enjoyed spring, summer, autumn and are now gearing up for winter!

In April we took a trip to scenic Des Moines, IA and the Science Museum for spring break.

Of course he found the Legos!

We also participated in the cultural day at school. The Prince did his presentation on The Czech Republic (MIL & I spent hours on those kolachky in front of him)!

In May we were "Goin' Ape"...

We had a piano recital...

Got a new fishing hat...

Had the last day of THIRD grade...


June was super busy and fun!!

Hubba Hubby had to get tubes in his ears.

We took a road trip to Dallas to see my brother and nephews.

The Price stayed up past midnight for the first time. He was very excited and wanted photographic proof!

My little navigator...

We also spent a lot of time outside!!

In July we took a vacation to CHICAGO!! We had such a great time!!! We were there for over a week and we did everything! We went to museums, parks, restaurants, a ball game and we did a ton of shopping!!

The Prince experienced all kinds of travel on this trip...plane, bus, taxi, double-decker bus, tram, train, boat and water taxi.

His first time on a plane...

The Lego Store was a BIG HIT. We were so lucky it was across the street from our hotel as we ended up going more than once.

Go Cubs!!

Enjoying Chicago...

August flew by. I had a birthday and The Prince started FOURTH GRADE!!

I visited my BFF in Atlanta...

And we hit the Nebraska State Fair for it's last year in Lincoln.

Just clowning around...

September was pretty chill...

So was chill in fact that it SNOWED before the leaves had even finished turning.

The weather turned nice again so I was able to get some pics of the kids in the leaves.

Halloween was a blast!

Jill was not as thrilled to be a Clone Trooper.

And here I am halfway through November!

Gearing up for Thanksgiving and for the NEW MOON release on Friday!!

Don't be a stranger...let me know how things are with YOU!!


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